Abbot and Costello get woke

Discussion in 'Humor & Satire' started by Robert Urbanek, Oct 4, 2020.

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    The woke crowd will eventually claim that the West appropriated the number zero from India, which fully developed the concept of zero in the seventh century A.D.

    Which could lead to an Abbot and Costello-type routine:

    Abbot: We should be ashamed of ourselves for stealing zero from India.
    Costello: We stole what, nothing?
    Abbot: Yes, we stole zero, nada, zilch, nothing.
    Costello: How can I be blamed for stealing nothing?
    Abbot: We need nothing for everything. We can’t build anything in the modern world without zero. We owe everything to India.
    Costello: I don’t have to worry. I’m good for it.
    Abbot: What do you mean, you’re good for it?
    Costello: Everybody keeps telling me “You’re good for nothing.”
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