" Adduced in the House "

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    Says one little Mueller " pit bull " Andrew Weissmann who many
    maintain actually wrote Mueller's Report.Then out of sight he went
    in order to avoid questioning like his Boss Robert Mueller had to
    endure before the House.But the little bagel eater is now teaching
    at New York University after leaving the Justice Dept, in the nick of time
    from being served some form of legal responsible as a payed member of
    the Justice Dept.Meaning he left to be classified as a citizen not a member
    of an Agency.
    However he's back commenting on Trump and how in his mind he's
    " committed a slew of federal crimes " naming them off :
    1.) violations of Campaign Finance law
    2.) Bribery
    3.) honest services fraud
    4.} violations of the Hatch act
    5.} Contempt of Congress

    Also stating that Impeachment or a " Presidential Impeachment
    doesn't necessarily need to rely on specific federal crimes."
    Little bagel boy Weissmann maintains " that's a Truism and really beside
    the point ".
    Yeah ... Right.Kinda like how YOU were found guilty of Misconduct and
    unethical Prosecutorial acts in the *Enron Case.So much for yer supposed
    victory which got overturned by yer very unethical displays.
    Kinda like what we saw with Trump Lawyer Cohen and Paul Manafort.
    Then Roger Stone.Of course kind-hearted gentleman Jerome Corsi.
    Who was made sick by the actions of little N.Y.city Bagel boy.
    This same disgusting example of what serves this Land as the
    scales of Justice also notes :
    " The Presidents alleged criminal acts were undertaken in a context
    that makes them particularly subject to Impeachment."
    I get it.Like how you went after Cohen,Manafort,Stone & Corsi.
    As if some mere male version of Tinkerbell.
    Yeah Right.
    How about let's have us some " Adduce in the House ".
    Some's Adduce for the Holidays.
    Adduce for the sake of Adduce.
    Adduce now and forever more.
    Till Adduce does us part.
    And by all means Hold yer adduce { mouth } if a Democrat makes
    it to the Presidency.

    * Enron Task Force Cases.Which Weissmann oversaw but also
    abruptly left in the middle of Jury Deliberations.Weissmann was
    part of an effort to use veiled threats,intimidate witnesses and
    interfere in Attorney-Client relationships.
    The same doggone crap he pulled while leading the Mueller
    Special Counsel.
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