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    Shame on this President using that " word " over 80 times Tuesday
    night { SOTU address }. So concludes the ACLU { which is heavily funded by
    Global Goldfinger { George Soros } and in particular those who question
    American citizen like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.
    This is part of Obama's master plan.To " Transform " the country.
    Which requires use of Groupthink and Doublespeak.Changing the
    language and mocking those who dare to appear Pro " America ".
    Like Obama's closed door speech mocking those who " cling to
    guns or religion ".Obama made the comment in 2008 in Pennsylvania
    concerning working-class voters.
    Like trying to do away with use of the words " Mother " and " Father "
    in our Public Education system.Like the way the Institution of " Marriage "
    was first demonized then done away with.Then came our National Anthem.
    The Nuclear Family and the Middle class were under attack by Obama
    and his Saul Alinsky troublemaking.But Obama did it a new and different way.
    By acting like he cares about our Middle class.Just ask yerself
    if Obama { the guy most complaining about those dreaded 1 % }
    Fundraised with the Middle Class or with the Wealthy.The wealthy
    from Silicon Valley and Wall Street and Hollywood.Of Big business
    like GE { Jeffrey Immelt }.
    Obama's Motto was nothing like - Make America Great -.
    It was ... Lean Forward
    Dig Daddios ?
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