" An entire people in a spiritual state

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    of whirling dervishes " wrote Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen in
    April of 1939 on the unbelievable moronic roars of Heil on
    Hitlers 50th Birthday celebration.Advertised by Hitler's New and Approved
    Nazi Party as The Biggest Birthday celebration in the History of Mankind.
    The festivities did not disappoint. " I witnessed the festivities.I heard the clamor.
    Saw the enraptured faces of the women.Hysterical females.Adolescents in a
    trance.An entire people in a spiritual state of whirling dervishes ...
    These people ... Are Insane "
    And he couldn't be more to the point or correct.
    Lest we not learn from the lessons of Germans and how they TOO got
    played like mere farm animals.

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