" an irresponsible liar

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    unworthy of public political stage " she was.Politifact declaring
    her's the " Lie of the Year ".
    FactCheck.org summarily dismissed her claim as a " whooper ".
    However,Mama Grizzly warned us this would happen.
    This is no cute little fairy tale like " Goldilocks and the Three bears ".
    This is serious world-shaking bidness.This IS life and death.
    Under ObamaCare there will be Death Panels,or Bureaucrats charged
    with deciding just who among the elderly,sick or weak will be granted
    care in order to keep life.Because there was a time,once upon America,
    when Life WAS considered precious.Of course that was before
    The biggest proponent of Abortion was actually a President.
    Who according to one ex-Secret Service man, an Obama former
    body guard ... " It's much worse than we can even imagine ."
    meaning what's going on within this White House.The Games.
    Toying with citizens as if some computer game.
    We have cancer survivor Edie Littlefiled Sundy's account of what she
    faces under this ObamaCare.Meaning sure death.
    Sarah Palin was absolutely spot on.About her " Death Panels " warnings.
    " The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or baby
    with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's ' death panel '
    so his bureaucrats can decide,based on a subjective judgement of their
    ' level of productivity in society ' ,whether they are worthy of health care.
    Such a system is downright evil. "
    How right you are Mama Grizzly.
    Then and even more Now.
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    May 15, 2009
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    You see folks the " dirty little secret " which is no longer little but
    Huge is this : ObamaCare was used as a tool.It's purpose was to
    destroy wealth { especially the Middle Class } by making Premiums and
    deductibles very costly { you lose a lot of money } and end up poorer.
    But the Poor { there are now near 50 million considered in Poverty }
    will always have their Medicaid and food stamps.It's an early form of
    Marxism.To sneakily redistribute wealth and at the same time
    create democrat voters by implimentation of a nanny state.
    That is why Joe the Plumber really struck a nerve when he got in a
    question to Obama,the candidate back in 2008.Simply asking about
    Obama's Small Business Tax Policy here is what Obama said :
    " when you spread the wealth around,it's good for everybody. "
    Got it now folks.
    You didn't build that Business.
    Obama decides exactly who gets the business.
    Like GM dealerships.Or Health Care.

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