" And he said a lot of GOOD people" Pense defense of Trump.

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    We heard the Perhaps one time Pense ACTUALLY tackled a TRUMP quote. He said that Trump said there are a LOT OF GOOD PEOPLe.

    THAT IS A BALD FACED LIE. And I don't blame him for trying it.

    The quote is. The MEXICANS{the government of MExico} are sending their rapists and murderers to us, as a CONSPIRACY. AND, to SOFTEN the blow of calling all MExicans rapists and murderers, he said:

    "They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." LET no one say that Trump doesn't try to see the good in people. There is NOONE that can assume like the Donald.

    He assumed Obama was a Muslim. This time. he used his assumer for good, usually he uses it to smear, and slander.

    But I digress. Pense INVENTED a FAR moar humane Trump, as the one that is real, is so hateful, that Pense assumes he is alone.

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