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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by cenydd, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Please know this
    ALL members please note:

    This 'Religion' forum is a part of Political Forum, and subject to ALL of its rules:


    It is open to ALL members to discuss ANY aspect of ANY religion.

    It is NOT a place to attack, bait or abuse religious (or non-religious) people on the basis of their beliefs or opinions.

    It is NOT a place for religious (or non-religious) people to discuss their beliefs privately among themselves, 'protected' from having them discussed, questioned, challenged or criticised by others.

    It is a place to discuss religion in accordance with the forum rules, and the principles of the Mission Statement which those rules exist to support:
    Note particularly the use of the term 'respectful debate' - attacks, insults, abuse, flamebaiting, trolling and thread derailment and disruption, religious slurs, are NOT 'respectful debate', and are NOT permitted.

    Posts which violate the forum's principles and rules will be deleted, and members who persist in making such posts will find themselves subject to moderator actions (warnings, infractions, thread bans and ultimately being banned from Political Forum forum on a temporary or permanent basis).

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