" Back of the Bus " rhetoric

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    They're at it again.Those like Dick Durbin { lives together with Chuck Schumer
    in a Capitol Hill house owned by George Miller D-Calif. } who can't help
    being a troublemaker.His recent comment concerning the Obama
    nominee Loretta Lynch being held-up { back of the bus } as if on
    purpose.Durbin { sell-out despicable Chicago style Pol } also made the
    comment : Graphically describing on the senate floor during the height of
    President Bush's War on Terrorism { 2005 } about " what americans had done
    to prisoners in their control,you would most certainly believe this must have
    been done by Nazis,Soviets in their gulags or some mad regime -- Pol Pot
    or others -- that had no concern for human beings . "
    Like we all know Terrorist do. Have concern for human beings.Like Terrorist
    even bother with capturing prisoners.But that is what Little Dickie Boy { the
    huge headed Dimocrat Monster } does for a living.He goes off the rails,
    railing onward and upward about his opposition.
    Now it's the Lynch nomination.
    A New Rasmussen survey { 1,ooo likely voters } find Obama choice
    for Attorney General by just 33% for confirmation.Many still remain undecided.
    As George Will properly put in context.Never run for a bus.Another one will
    surely come along.
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    I'm sure that Dick Turban didn't feel that way when Democrats went after Clarence Thomas, Herman Kane, or any Black Conservative that has dared venture outside the Democratic Party Plantation. The simple fact is that Loretta Lynch according to her testimony before the Senate Committee disqualified herself.
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    What disqualifies her most is the simple fact she believes as does Eric Holder
    that Obama's Immigration Presidential Order is Lawful.That Obama's Immigration
    Policy { to open borders and NOT Return Illegals when caught } is correct & lawful.
    Plus her letting off the hook { no jail time } in the unreported Banking {HSBC} scandal.
    Where hundreds of Billions of dollars of drug money was laundered by those
    working at the British multinational HongKong Shanghai Banking Corp.
    No one associated with the huge manipulation of billions of dollars
    where collusion of American bankers and operatives for tax evasion seemed
    rampant.Lynch was the key person involved to see that those guilty were
    prosecuted.She bent over backward to avoid any prosecution and when a
    prosecution was forthcoming she basically issued fines instead of jail sentences.
    Thereby making it possible the slogan
    Some banks are just Too big to jail.
    Which is what we saw with an American { Jon Corzine } who was directly responsible
    for the raiding of around $ 1.6 Billion of customer funds at MF Global.Corzine
    was given a reprimand and fined but No Jail time.
    The NRA has publically written a letter to various Senators with their sentiment that
    if Confirmed Loretta Lych will prove to be Eric Holder lite.Meaning the same
    kind of AG only a little less political.
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    It is right and proper that the Obama choice for Attorney General { Loretta Lynch }
    has been held-up.It was held-up because Mitch McConnell specifically instructed
    the Senate under his Authority that the Human Trafficing bill has to be completed
    first.First things first before moving on to other Senate business.
    The dems don't like the Republican version of the Human Trafficing bill.Therefore they
    have stalled it for lack of specifics or some other convenient excuse.
    The Lynch business { a final vote by the Senate } will commence sometime after
    the Senate resumes { they are on Easter recess }.
    However Lynch has a more explaining to do. She did know about the
    whistleblower { John Cruz } a former employee working at HSBC's southern
    New York region as Accounts Relationship manager.He was terminated in
    Feb. of 2010 after working since Jan. of 2008.Poor job performance was cited.
    However not before he was able to pull appx. 1,ooo pages of customer accounts
    records from the HSBC computer system.Within those 1,ooo pages is abject proof
    of a " culture of crime " related to federal transfer of Mexican drug cartel money.
    " money comes in daily,thousands of dollars,always in even amounts.
    You look at a statement and it says ' transfer ',but where did it go ?.
    There's no account number or tracking number that documents where the transaction
    went." Cruz went on. Explaining what went on as a " shell Game ".
    " So many of these businesses are conducted out of a person's home " he said.
    " I would walk into these homes.There's a couch,there's a chair,a desk -- but the house
    is empty.A couple of Mercedes sitting out front -- but where is the business.?
    There's only online transactions of money-in and money-out. "
    Cruz went public after his termination and tried desperately to get the attention of
    the The Dept. of Justice.HSBC relied on Identity theft to capture legit Social Security
    numbers to create bogus retail and commercial bank accounts.Through these accounts
    HSBC employees systematically deposited and withdrew hundreds of millions of dollars
    on a daily basis,apparently without the knowledge of the identity theft victims.
    Yet Loretta Lynch basically prosecuted for a fine and not one person involved with HSBC
    received any jail time.Knowing full well that HSBC could easily afford something
    as piddling as a 1 or $2 Billion dollar fine.
    In July of 2012 the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigation released
    a 330-page staff report titled - U.S. Vulnerabilities to Money Laundering,Drugs, and
    Terrorist Financing : HSBC Case History. It documented HSBC's role in illegally
    laundering drug money for Mexican cartels and middle eastern terrorist.
    Yet not a word about the person charged with being finder of fact and
    to Prosecute in the HSBC case.That being Loretta Lynch.
    Because there are those who don't give a fig.They want it all to be wished away.
    Like Eric Holder and - Fast & Furious -.

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