" Bad Faith " !

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    Or - Blind Faith - { late 60's British rock group with Eric Clapton }.
    Or better still how to Create another Bogeyman.Which constitutes Bogyphobia
    or fear of the Bogeyman.Little kids used to have that fear especially around
    Haloween.Now apparently more so.With Harry Potter and his spirits,demons
    and goblins.
    Right now our Unamerican Free Press { try 5th Column Press } is in the throes
    of attempting another Bogeyman creation.You know ... like they did with Dick Cheney
    and Karl Rove.Only today's,as of last night's especially riveting interview of
    Attorney General William Barr,will be roundly sought after by the dirty dog
    smear peddlers in our Mainstream media.The ones who cling,not to Guns
    and Bibles but to dopey claims that ALL 17 Intelligence agencies denied any
    spying on Trump & Co.These " Servants of the Government " were to be
    believed and honored.You know like known Liars and Leakers,James Comey
    and Andrew McCabe.Like Big Jim Brennan and Not so big James Clapper.
    Our Corrupted Free press who diligently used leakers of classified materal
    and did so with anonymous sourcing.Gee How American.
    Like the way this Whistleblower { to this day } needs his/her Identity kept secret.
    Bogus.Really bad use of Bogyphobia.
    So we have us a straight forward and serious AG who has serious concerns as to
    what this Obama appointed IG's report stated.That he found No Political Bias.
    That cannot be.In fact,it's Impossible.Given what was reported over the years
    on Sean Hannitys Show.Given the Tweets and E-mails of Lisa Page and
    Peter Strzok.Given all the released docs c/o of Judicial Watch and FOIA
    requests { which were held up for a long time }.
    But this Corrupted MSM and Free Press has that all knocked ... Folks.
    Just watch em' do their Bogeyman thingy.Make AG Bill Barr out to be a
    super Bad Guy.That's all it takes.We've been thru this cotton gin before
    folks.Seperating seed from fibre.The seeds of discontent from the moral
    fibers of Honesty and the American Way.
    Or the Fibers of Malcontents from the seeds of reality.
    Whatever way it's sliced ... it spells Bogyphobia.Or " Bad Faith ".

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