" Baggage " ?

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    The new buzz word meant to totally as in Fer Sure debunk a
    Politicians entire lifespan.
    Name for me a person,let alone a Politican besides Obama who the
    Mainstream Media could not drum up some " Baggage " over.
    Like how about Pat Robertson.You'd be wrong.The Lamestream
    devastated him.The same way they're doing to Newt Gingrich.
    Or how about Pat Buchanan.You'd be wrong.They even created a
    nickname as in - Pitchfork Pat -.Gee how nice of the Lamstream.
    Do ya tink ... maybe just a wee bit that the Lamestearm could manage
    an itsy-bitsy,teeney-weenie little touch of " baggage " with this sitting
    President.They will not.
    " Baggage " should mean what Teddy Kennedy pulled the night he got
    stinko drunk and drove home a young lady and drove right off a
    small bridge to her death.Did he bother to get her out of the sinking car.
    NO.But he managed to get himself out.Managed to flee right quick to
    another side of town {Edgartown} where he conveniently slept off his
    drunken state until morning.Thereby fashioning also right quick how he
    was to explain the events.The explanations crafted were more baggage
    than the actual event.

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