" Barstool Eruptions ! "

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    Says the esteemed Man of distinction at Fox ... Charles Krauthammer.
    " Lions & Tigers and bears ... Oh My ! ".
    It's Krauthammer to the rescue ... N-O-T !!!.
    Who cares what that milquetoast thinks.It's on account of guys like
    Him and George Will this country is in a Pickle.
    Don't forget it was George Will who weeks after Obama won in 2008
    gave him a Dinner Invitation to his stately home with dinner guests
    David Brooks and Charles Krauthammer.
    The Kraut basically saying he came away a believer.
    Now we have a Big Shot New York real Estate Magnate being lowered to
    some Waterfront tavern owner who serves swill to guys prone towards
    " barstool eruptions ".
    What this country needs is a good nickel cigar { make that 5 dollar }
    not some effete beltway inside dilettante who failed at a psychological
    profile of the most obvious hoodwinker this country ever witnessed.
    So ..... BiG Deal ! ... The Kraut misgauged and misdiagnosed Obama
    the Younger.Now we have Obama the Elder.Even more dastardly and
    In Yer Face. But we're supposed to believe what The Kraut assesses as to
    Donald Trump. I'm not a Trump fan. But at least he is showing some
    true grit and Americana. Instead of Kitcken table politics what this
    Country desperately needs is " Barstool eruptions ". The way it once
    was.I wonder when Fox will start insisting that Charles Krauthammer
    needs to use a wig { Like King Charles } and plenty of white face powder.
    For Theatrics.Because he isn't converting anyone.
    Whereas The Donald is really picking up steam.
    One shouldn't expect to walk into a Chinese Laundry and smell daffodils.
    Let alone roses.The scent of pure unadulterated steam should pervade.
    The Days of Wine and Roses are fast fading.
    Partly because of dilettante pundits like Charles Krauthammer and
    George Will.
    Donald Trump may be the The Reincarnation of Eric Hoffer.
    Only with a hairdo and silk ties.

    The True Believer { 1951 }

    " It is doubtful if the oppressed ever fight for
    freedom.They fight for pride and for power -- power to oppress
    others.The oppressed want above all to imitate their oppressors;
    they want to retaliate. "
    -- Eric Hoffer { San Fransico Longshoreman,writer }

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