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    Over the years I have carried a bunch of different handguns. Walther PP, Smith and Wesson 469 (2nd Generation compact 9mm) Smith and Wesson Shield, Smith and Wesson J frame revolver, Beretta 84 and 85, and various Sigs including 239, 238, 938 and most recently the 365XL. But I just obtained what I think is the best of them all-the SIG 265XMacro. This American made 9mm has a ported barrel (with a slot in the slide), is very small, and carries a 17 round magazine-the same amount as a full sized GLOCK or Smith and Wesson M&P. The ported barrel cuts down felt recoil-on my county by about 20% and the handling is very good. retail-around 800 and spare magazines just became available on the SIG website
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