" Bias by Omission "

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    is what those at The Media Research like to refer to what just
    happened yesterday.That when the F.B.I. Director spent 14 minutes
    laying out the case of what Hillary Pulled while our Secretary-of-State.
    Then the Media focused on the minute or 2 part where she got off the hook.
    Meaning it was celebration time in the media.Yeah ... Kudo's to you
    Kiddo { Hillary } you weren't found in need of charging.
    Nary a word in this Lollipop Mainstream Media as to those 14 minutes
    which prove w/o any shadow of a doubt how Hillary LIED and did so
    time after time after time.
    Which proves one thing ... That as far as our Gov'mint is concerned it
    may all boil down to The Fix is in.
    But as sure God made little green apples,let there be no mistake.
    With this Mainstream media There is nothing but ... The Fix is in.
    They are fixated on shielding and protecting their own { meaning their
    fellow Democrat }. Come Hell or high water.
    No act of Mother nature or 5 star restaurants ham sandwich is gonna make
    a lick of difference.This Country has a Corrupted and Compliant MSM.
    It's just a question of how many cartoons can accurately portray.

    Thus Spake Zarathustra { 1883-1891 }

    : Give me,woman,thy little truth! " said I
    And thus spake the old woman.
    " Thou goest to women.Do not forget thy Whip "
    -- Nietzsche
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    May 15, 2009
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    There are 2 basic schools of thought on this as far as Right-wing
    Talk Radio.There's the Hugh Hewitt take which is Director Comey is a
    " good guy " { Hewitt seldom says otherwise about most professionals }
    where he did a yeomans job of laying out the damning case against Hillary.
    Without saying but Implying in precise detail with his Investigation where
    Hillary jeopardized national security and Lied,lied,lied.
    And that it may have been prudent for Comey to let the case rest on the
    Populace to decide.it wasn't in his perview to charge her.Let the People and
    the Political process decide.
    However Mark Levin,a colleague of Hewitt's sees things differently.
    Levin isn't so cocksure about all these " Good Guys " in Professional capacity.
    That Comey acted the Flack.That in fact he orchestrated this entire matter.
    He may have a point.Since when does the F.B.I. grant an Interview on
    a weekend { Saturday } at that person's leisure.Especially when the day before,
    a Friday,that person's hubby had a secret meeting with the AG { Lynch }.
    Are we to believe that Director Comey did not somehow telegraph to Obama,
    somehow his findings earlyTuesday,when Obama had Air Force one plans to
    campaign with said person { Hillary }.
    I don't believe in coincidence.Especially with this bunch in the White House.
    Comey dragged his feet for months and then used as excuse with the word
    " Intent " instead of the correct word in the statute of " gross negligence ".
    Plus Obama would never had made plans to campaign with Hillary if he
    knew the FBI Director was going to recommend highly that Hillary be charged.\
    So,Levin is right.Comey HAD to have somehow orchestrated events.
    But Hugh Hewitt is also right.Comey was wise to make his strong case
    on how Hillary broke the law and Lied.lied,lied.However let We the People
    and the process decide.If they want an habitual Liar who jeopardized our very
    national security sitting where Obama sits now.
    I wonder when Humpty Dumpty gets a call.

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