Bogus info designed to discredit revisionist history

Discussion in 'History & Past Politicians' started by Scott, Mar 31, 2024.

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    I just watched a few of these videos.

    Right away they seemed like some kind of debunker-food trap to discredit revisionist historians.

    Go to the 4:18 time mark of this video.

    Old World is Worldwide? | Part 5

    The narrator says that the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco* probably wasn't built when we are told it was and that it was too difficult to build in that short amount of time so it's probably much older. With just a little research the scenario described in the video can be shown to be bogus.

    October 16, 1964 - the Palace of Fine Arts being demolished to be rebuilt with more durable materials and construction

    This guy new it was bogus when he posted it. All the videos in that channel page were probably a big project thought up by some public-relations agency hired by the government.

    I only watched a few of them so there might be a few truths mixed in but the above video shows an intent to deceive.


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