Boko harem.

Discussion in 'Africa' started by Brett Nortje, Sep 5, 2015.

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    The 'war' in nigeria is a terribly costly affair, with many people being impoverished because of low insurance security, which pushes businesses out of work, and therefore cripples the economy, affecting most the food getting around in the country, from shop to open mouth.

    Now, to get the war over with, we need to know what boko harem is fighting for. this is a holy war, so, they should make allah proud. true, they will not win the war by fighting like men, but, who wants a snake as a soldier? if they cannot 'stand and deliver,' if the people cannot support them and walk with them, if the authorities are trying to reason with them, and they do things like abduct school kids and things like that, what sort of holy war is this?

    What should they do? start explosives to themselves and blow everything up? this will take food away from others. should they bomb the markets where the food is, impoverishing someone trying to live 'the hard way?' well, isn't it a bit of a relief to go home and work again, to be with others again, to have a life again, instead of ducking and diving in and out of alleys and things, trying to hurt people?

    That is what this war has become, senseless killing. nobody is going to give in, and many will die, getting more and more desperate, and employing tactics that would make their friends ashamed, and no doubt their prophet, yes?

    So, if they were to want sharia law all over the world, social media is the best 'weapon.' this will bring living breathing people to listen to the messages they have heard, and, in turn, they must listen to the messages of others, of course.
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    Boko Haram sacks base, captures town in Nigeria...
    Boko Haram sacks base, captures town in Nigeria

    Mon, Sep 10, 2018 -
    Boko Haram militants were on Saturday in control of a town in northeast Nigeria after sacking a military base, in the latest attack that raises questions about claims they are weakened to the point of defeat.


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