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    I got in my e mail, one more of those you better forward this or yadda yadda will happen or I will be a jerk type of mail.

    This story is to a small bit about Al Capone the mobster. As a young man, I recall that he was incarcerated at Alcatraz that long ago closed down. I also recall some Indians as I still call them squatting there and holding the island hostage in a rightful protest. Capone died in 1947 as I as a boy in grade school.

    But on to this show.

    The myth says the pilot took off and the crew messed up and did not put in full fuel. I am a pilot. This fuel myth sort of interested me since I know how to tell a fuel tank is fuel as you fuel up the plane.

    Think of a bottle of milk. Can you look at it and tell if it is full? I figured no crew leaves out fuel.

    It is a two part story. Some over the pilot's father, an attorney that lived in Chicago.

    And his son.

    Read on.


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