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    We made a bubble of our minds -
    Connected over the distance -
    Our nerves together intertwined
    And in their center, Our Existence -

    Heartbeat to heartbeat - will to will -
    Passion to passion - and to reason:
    Keeping us in there from the chill
    In every day - in every season -

    And in the middle - in the core -
    Were our own centers: In this bubble
    They will be there, forevermore,
    All times protected from the trouble.

    The walls us from the world will keep
    And in there we will be together:
    In day, in night, in wake, in sleep
    Like swallow safe within her feathers.

    We made a bubble of our souls -
    How hard it was though to sustain it!
    To wait all day for you to call -
    To keep away all that was tainted -

    To keep alive, this heart to heart,
    This mind to mind, this soul to soul,
    To love you though we be apart -
    And to retain this perfect whole:

    The mental energy it took
    Made me make most of every moment
    My spirit tore, my body shook,
    And I was in a passion's torment -

    And then the bubble's walls concussed
    As all its contents lay there scattered:
    Eternal, present and the past
    Of both the spirit and the matter.

    The bubble burst; walls fell apart
    And what was thought inside protected -
    The throbbing souls, the beating hearts -
    Were there, open and dissected.

    It was as though the skin was flayed
    As centers lay there undefended
    I felt destroyed; you felt betrayed -
    But something happened unintended:

    I saw the beauty that is you,
    You saw how much I cared for you,
    I saw you from a closer view
    And knew indeed that I adore you:

    The bubble burst and spilt its core
    But yet the dream has not been shattered:
    I see you – clearer than before -
    And I can love you even better.

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