Can fallen angels, demons, devils or Hungry Ghosts repent and improve in the afterlife?

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Can demons, devils, fallen angels, or Hungry Ghosts repent and improve in the afterlife?

  1. No

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  2. Yes....

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  3. Perhaps... I sure do hope so???!!!!

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  4. Former humans will be resurrected in the White Throne Judgment and saved then, maybe, but not before

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  5. I believe that fallen angels cannot repent and be saved.

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  6. I believe that the salvation of Azazel, hinted at in Leviticus chapter 16:10 will shift the universe

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    I personally have ran into what I feel is pretty compelling evidence that demons.... or devils...... or fallen angels..... or former humans who have became Hungry Ghosts as the Buddhists term them.... may be able to improve and improve and improve in the afterlife????

    This is quite a controversial topic....
    but a critical one, in my opinion, because I believe that we are living in the time period when hidden meaning in Yom Kippur will be fulfilled.....
    and the transition will be nearly as dramatic as what happened two thousand years ago when Rabbi Yeshua - Jesus, [the Prophet Issa to Muslims], fulfilled the role of Messiah the Passover Lamb!

    What would happen to a Serpent of Shame... if and when it gets eaten by a Great Eagle??????

    In a way this is a continuation of a discussion that I began several years ago:

    I want to start an online outreach to Satanists....

    Can demons be given hope?

    1. No... the demons have zero hope!
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    2. *
      Yes..... Elijah must "restore all things"
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    3. I am not sure but I will research this further.
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