Communism is like a coal power station. People nearby get cancer, people far away get cheap power.

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    Communism is like a coal power station. People nearby get cancer, people far away get cheap power.


    If not for Communism, probably there would not be any much of a National Health Service in UK and many other places.

    Only after USSR, East Germany became communist and many countries in Asia followed the communist bandwagon (China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia etc) did Europe and USA promulgate more welfare policies for citizens, if any, at least to minimize their hardships and so that they would not support the communist insurgency sweeping quickly down Asia from China.

    Many people in USA and Europe thus have communism to thank for many of the welfare policies which they presently enjoy.

    My take is that morally, communist core pillar of "from each his best, to each his needs" remains a very good tenate in life and in families to live by as it fosters fosters unity.

    Unfortunately, the weak spot in communism: the totalitarian bent, is what caused the downfall and fragmentation of USSR because most of the leaders were corrupt, didn't give off their best, stole from national coffers and failed to satisfy even the basic needs of the poor. If not for authoratarianism and corruption, communism would have thrived in this world very well.

    The lack of a democratic process, coupled with corruption and the lack of checks and balances (separation of powers) were what resulted in communism's downfall.

    Besides the separation of powers, if communism were also to adopt the accountability and hatred for corruption evident in many developed countries, probably communism will do well.

    Or maybe the world just need more moral guidance on how one can "love one's neighbor as one loves oneself", which is revealed by Jesus Christ in the Bible and in many other religions as well.

    In summary, communist has severe local flaw as a coal power plant is often highly pollutive etc. However, it's far reaching and not insignificant benefits to society (moral reasoning) should not be under estimated either.

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