Conservatism and gains.

Discussion in 'Political Science' started by Brett Nortje, May 23, 2017.

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    With the current state of political ideologies, i find myself drawn to voting 'conservative.' conservative to me has always been about moral fibre where liberalism is about freedom. i find it hard to believe that in free countries, they want more freedom, like the west, while in eastern europe and the second and third world there is very little in the way of 'freedom pumping,' and at the same time, very little crime in some places.

    So tonight i thought to myself, with all the unions out there, why don't the natives of each country join the unions and the unions join conservative parties? this would see the state of decency improve, and, moral fibre will come with it.

    Then, i thought, what about the permanent membership of one to a party? the parties could design cheap yet nice shirts for the supporters to wear, and hand them out to their members. hell, they could produce a lot of clothing and sell it for cost price? this would be where a political ideology comes into the work place or school system, where the kids can wear these instead of school clothes, yes?

    Then, if the 'conservative parties' were to have a continued membership, with cards to be swiped for attendance, that these people go to rallies and speeches, and actively campaign, they could receive tax deduction on their salaries, of course?

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