Coronavirus Fatality Rate in the US for Confirmed Cases at 0.01%.

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Pandemic Discussions' started by Wulfschilde, Mar 22, 2020.

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    If you divide the number of deaths by the number of confirmed cases, then consider the likely real infection rate, the fatality rate is probably at 0.01%.

    I have a friend who is getting their cancer surgery indefinitely postponed because they want to keep room open for potential Coronavirus cases. So here is a person who could die from cancer because we might need room for something that is running a 0.01% fatality rate for confirmed cases, considering that actual cases are potentially 10x or more as large.

    This is to say that, through the many different things that can happen or go wrong during the overreaction and likely economic recession, this coronavirus craze will probably kill more people than the coronavirus does.
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