Corruption by big city officials doling out affordable housing

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    This is why you will never win an affordable housing lottery.
    A local investigation in Boston found that a disproportionately large percentage of affordable housing lottery winners are actually Boston city employees.
    At the MEZ, a swanky new development in the southeast, 60% of all affordable units are sold to Boston city employees or their relatives. The city councilors 22 year old son, for example, was able to buy an affordable unit in this complex for just $186,000, where market rate units would typically go for over a million dollars.
    Now this type of situation is, unfortunately, very common. Not just in Boston. In New York City, 70 housing authority employees were just charged with taking millions of dollars from developers in exchange for hundreds of development contracts across the city.
    And it's just the sad reality of what happens when a small group of government officials control very very valuable resources.

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    Politically connected housing lottery winners raise questions about access, WCVB Channel 5 Boston

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