Democrat voter feels 'cheated' by lack of opportunities after college: "Not the deal I made"

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    A woman, who considered herself a Democrat (party on Left) supporter, says she feels "cheated" by the Democratic Party.

    Maranda Douglas said she had to move back in with her mom as costs rise and she struggles to find employment opportunities that fit her college education.
    Douglas said her rent went up by $500 a month, so she had to move back in with her mother, along with her boyfriend and young son.

    "It's really crippled us and puts at a disadvantage for trying to raise our family."

    Despite President Biden (who was endorsed by the Democrat Party) touting job growth and a strong economy, Douglas feels discouraged with the lack of opportunities, saying jobs at Walmart and Instacart were "not the deal" she made when she decided to go to college.

    Douglas said politicians do not keep their promises once they get into office.
    "I hope that everyone takes the responsibility to educate themselves about how to vote. I'm not too sure if the Democratic Party is going to really be held accountable for what's going on by the people who do vote."

    She explained that many voters will refuse to vote because of feeling "disgusted" with politicians in general.

    "I'm an American. I went to university really excited about finding the way that I could contribute to society, that I can contribute to the economy. And I'm really proud of my degree and I'm looking for opportunities to serve. I kind of feel cheated," she said.

    The woman lives in Florida.

    Question: Did someone create an unrealistic impression for her what opportunities would await if only she got a college degree?
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