Deng XiaoPing original vision for HKG- China reunification was for the two to unite as one country a

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    Deng XiaoPing original vision for HKG- China reunification was for the two to unite as one country and establish the best of the 2 systems. Subsequent Chinese leaders betrayed his vision by suppression of democracy in HKG which caused the wealth inequality situation in HKG to go out of control.


    And how u plan to orchestrate that?

    Today HKG maybe even may have 5G data broadband and one of the highest internet networked places in Earth and has very high GDP if not costs of living as well.

    Every kid has an Instagram account and their life experience are publicized daily to their followers who number in the thousands and live across 4 corners of the world.

    Those kids, whilst seeming to operate like a disparate mob, are ideologically actually quite well united and two of Beijing attempts of injecting spies have been exposed to the world by the HKG students who have equal if not greater ability to publicise Beijing dirty laundry to the world: first the undercover HKG police and next the pro Beijing news reporter who was obviously there with the intention of collecting negative propaganda against the student protestors. That clown of a reporter was made to 'wear' is own blue "I love HKG police" T-shirt and get mocked by the angry crowd.

    Today's HKG economy is built on innovation and technology, likewise it's lifestyle and all will certainly fail if HKG comes under martial law and is over run by the PRC People's Armed Police.

    PRC plans for OBOR, Xinjiang, Tibet, Mongolia, Taiwan, peaceful economic rise and expansion will all be called into international disrepute and suspicion when HKG students spill the beans about PRC brutality being more reminiscent of Europe's Medieval times/ dark ages.

    The current CCP/PRC is guilty of destroying Deng XiaoPing (DXP) original blueprint of HKG and China benefiting symbiotically for 50 years towards year 2047 peaceful reunion. This blueprint has been destroyed and betrayed by a corrupt and incompetent leaders like XJP after DXP passing. China's Glory days of raising 600 million out of poverty will be considered past glory and China would be on the path to a breakup (like USSR) under self serving and incompetent rulers the likes of XJP and his ilk. Historical mistakes of one party communist dictators like Polpot and Mao Tse Tung may even repeat themselves with the death and decimation of 25% of population or 50 million (whichever higher) from hunger, starvation and murder under a military government rule.

    HKG is not Xinjiang/ Tibet and reunion with Taiwan will be an even greater challenge built upon the peaceful reunification with Hong Kong. China's meddling in HKG has backfired and China should only mediate at best at this moment and either provide $$$ injection to solve HKG public housing problem or facilitate proper democracy so that HKG people can elect a capable chief executive and legislative council capable of passing effective land acquisition laws towards the construction of proper public housing and provision of proper social security services like medical, education, public safety etc.
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