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Discussion in '9/11' started by Gamolon, Jul 17, 2014.

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    According to Harrit's paper, the selection criteria of chips to be tested was:

    1. They had to be red/gray chips
    2. They had to be attracted to a magnet

    Chips selected in this fashion had tests, listed in Harrit's paper along with the results, performed on them. Harrit's conclusion in the paper says he found a thermitic material.

    James Millette performed tests on chips he selected using the criteria above and got different results. Truthers claim that the reason Millette got different results was because he didn't test the right chips and should have used the correct criteria for finding them.

    My first question for anyone who has read Harrit's paper is what is the correct selection criteria, as stated in the paper, to make sure one has the correct chips to move forward and perform the tests stated in the paper?

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