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    There are laws that punish murderers, thieves, kidnapers and so on, but there is no law written that punishes the worst personality type of all: The do-gooder. If there was a way to measure the harm done to civilization by every criminal type against the harm done by do-gooders, I think you would find that the do-gooders beat the criminals in every category. I’d go so far as to say the do-gooders take first prize when measured against known criminal personality types in the aggregate.

    There are laws prohibiting crooked charities, but no law prohibiting do-gooders. That anomaly has always troubled me because the worst thing do-gooders do in every society is create charity hustlers who, in turn, are the moral foundation for the eternal parasite class.

    I seldom refer to the Bible because I am not that knowledgeable on the topic. Having been born and raised in a Christian country, I have been inundated with Christian views. That’s not a complaint because no one ever tried to force me to join a Christian church. Far from a complaint, I believe that America’s Christian Founders understood that Jesus Christ did not preach institutional charity, but instead preached individual goodness. Those who make institutional morality the highest morality of all excuse themselves from individual goodness.

    It’s easy to understand the Left’s hatred of Jesus and America’s Founders. One cannot make a buck off of someone else’s charity given to a person in need when it begins and ends with an individual. The Founding Fathers understood that. That is why they will always be anathema to do-gooders, and especially to charity hustlers, because of these few words:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; . . .”

    Protecting the people from a government religion is the obvious interpretation of the First Amendment. That protection is brilliant in that it guards against America degenerating into a theocracy; at least it protected until socialism and the XVI Amendment came along. The hidden brilliance is that those words also prevented Americans from do-gooders accessing the public purse. Unfortunately, with a lot help from sick do-gooders charity hustlers found a way around the First Amendment —— eventually using the tax code to force everyone to fund institutional charity.

    The worst of it is that institutional charity and institutional murders done by do-gooders are inseparable. Once one is accepted the other is inevitable. Proof: Every government that ever promised to help people ends up killing them.

    Neither institutional charity nor institutional murder would have been possible on such a large scale without the invention of radio, television, magnified sound, and talking pictures. Governments as we came to know them in the last century would never have been born without the aid of modern propaganda tools. (Eat your heart out Torquemada.) The inventions are not at fault, it is the type of person drawn to those inventions who are responsible for their misuse.

    NOTE: If the gun is the true cause of so much violence, then so is the electronic media ultimately responsible for so many institutional horrors. If guns are banned because they are inherently evil, then television, radio, and talking pictures should also be outlawed for the same reason. In truth, there is a better argument for keeping guns than there is for keeping television. Law-abiding citizens can use guns to protect themselves rather than die a victim, but how many law-abiding citizens can afford a transmitter, or get a license to transmit, in order to combat government brainwashing their neighbors might be susceptible to.

    About forty or so years ago do-gooders evolved into the “best people.” That’s when the government embarked on a best people public relations campaign with the help of the Ministry of Propaganda (FCC). Americans were told that in order to attract the best people to government the private sector producer must throw tons of money at them.

    After the initial public relations campaign got underway, I wondered how the United States became the greatest nation the world has ever known in the centuries before the best people were given the keys to state and federal taxing agencies? The best people P.R. campaign also implied that civil servants who cared for their country prior to the public larder years were not the best people.

    Even before the beginning of America’s best people revolution, and right up until the present-day, television pumped out shows depicting dedicated lawyers fighting for truth and justice. One scenario makes prosecutors the villains who are always defeated at trial. Another storyline makes defense attorneys sleazy money grubbers getting criminals off on technicalities, or radicals fighting for the wrong things. Both pervert justice. No matter the storyline fictional judges are above reproach. Justice is always served and truth prevails in the end —— even when a crooked shyster or a corrupt judge is portrayed in a show.

    Show after show, year after year, features the best people in one government entity or another fighting the good fight. In real life, a tax dollar funded institution of higher learning is also a government entity, yet the do-gooders who swear education will set everyone free murdered the truth without blinking an eye.

    There was even a show that debuted during the Clinton years that unashamedly featured the best people in a Clinton-like White House. My God! Are those people working in television serious? More importantly, how much is it costing taxpayers to produce all of that garbage? The unrelenting subliminal message coming from the best people working for the Ministry of Propaganda says “Government is good so bigger government must be even better.” Do-gooders cum best people continue to numb the minds of young and old alike.

    Add this into the mix when considering do-gooders and the effects of propaganda: Hitler was the ultimate do-gooder to the German people. Propaganda made him a God; hence, the world will never understand how the gas chambers became a reality until everyone understands what drives do-gooders.

    Finally, Socialists/Communists claim God is dead. If God is dead it must follow that religion is also dead. That claim always seemed a bit arrogant to me. Christianity has been around for two thousand year. In that time Jesus Christ has been celebrated in architecture, in sculpture, in painting, in literature, and in music. On the other hand, socialism’s contribution consists of a few novels that are soon forgotten, and show business propaganda touted as great art.

    Admittedly, socialism is an infant compared to Christianity; so I suggest that Socialists postpone God’s funeral and get to work on a piece of music that lifts the spirit:

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