Europe Help Russian Men Avoid Conscription Admit Them Into Your Countries!

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    The European countries around Russia that are "refusing" to admit Russian men fleeing conscription by the Russian Government for soldiers for its invasion war in Ukraine are making a major mistake, it undermines all the great work they have done to stop Vladimir Putin vis-a-vis sanctions and aide to Ukraine! These fleeing Russian men are the type we don't want to see on the Ukraine battlefield because they have initiative and brains demonstrated by their efforts to get out of Russia so they would likely be at least somewhat effective soldiers. For some European countries like Poland who are doing a ton of work to help the Ukrainian military I can understand them not allowing these fleeing Russian men to remain in their country because imposters among the escaping Russians, that is, those who are really Russian government agents, could commit acts of sabotage in Poland that do real harm like blow-up valuable HIMAR rocket launch systems; however, Poland should let these fleeing Russians transit through their country to safe havens. These European leaders who might be thinking force the Russians that don't want to fight this war and are fleeing to escape participation to remain in Russia and cause disruption and political pressure on Putin to stop the war, this is extremely foolish thinking. Russia governance is a brutal dictatorship the Kremlin has already passed a law which says Russian men that won't fight will go to prison and any knowledgeable person about Russian prisons knows that a good metaphor, a really really truthful metaphor, for the Russian prison system is a place where most inmates undergo a continual experience of having to play Russian roulette because many inmates in that system die of violence and abuse in the system and have their health permanently damaged, in part, from denial of medical care. Have no question in one's minds these Russian men that don't want any involvement in Putin's Ukrainian war unless allowed to escape Russia by these European leaders will be conscripted into the Russian army and will be sent to the Ukrainian battlefield and will fight the Ukrainians because the threat of going to a Russian prison will force their cooperation to fight for Putin. America should lead the effort to help Russian men avoid this conscription effort by Putin and commit to taking in fifty thousand of these fleeing Russians under the Temporary Protected Status program and give them this visa status until the end of the war!

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should make a personal appeal to each countries' government for every country bordering Russia to allow these Russian men fleeing conscription to enter these European countries because the Ukrainian people don't want to see these Russian men on the Ukrainian battlefield on behalf of Russia because that would mean Ukrainian and allied soldiers may be killed or maimed at the hands of these now Russian soldiers; this is an important issue - it will impact the state of the war! It was a good move on President Zelensky's part over the past three weeks once Russia's new conscription policy was announced to give a public pronouncement to Russian men if you are sent to Ukraine by your government surrender to the Ukrainian Army so you won't be killed. The one important condition that President Zelensky should add and do a public pronouncement about is that for these Russian men who find themselves on the Russian battlefield and want to take up the Ukrainian people's offer to surrender and don't do so under the opportunistic circumstances where they were fighting and the fight went bad and they surrendered so they don't get killed or wounded for such surrendering of conscience Russians you will not be sent back to Russia in a prisoner swap we recognize that you would be facing being sent to prison if that occurs and we, the Ukrainian people, will protect you in that regard!

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