FAUX News - Trump Guilty Verdict - Blame it on Biden

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    When you watch Faux News coverage of the Guilty verdict in the Hush Money trial, they use Biden’s name more than Trump. More FAUX News efforts to divide America. That’s all they’ve done since their founding in the ‘90s. They live up to the Trump mantra - Make America Hate Again…
    1. Biden didn’t have the affair with the porn star.
    2. Biden didn’t say he could grab a woman by the p**** on tape.
    3. Biden didn’t have a 9-month affair with a Playboy model, while his wife was pregnant.
    4. Biden didn’t meet with Pecker and Cohen to discuss Catch-and-Kill.
    5. Biden didn’t make Hush Money payments to his lawyer, and call them Legal Expenses.
    6. Biden didn’t meet with Pecker to thank him for his help with the 2016 election.

    Trump did it all! Not Biden!

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