Former US official critical of ICC targeting of African leaders

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    Former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Miss Jendayi Frazer has lashed at the International Criminal Court, saying ICC has lost its legitimacy and now is widely viewed as an instrument of Western foreign policy used against only Africans.

    In her editorial masterpiece in one of the major dailies on Monday, Jendayi who is currently a distinguished service professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the US said significant steps should be taken by Kenya to pull out of the court.

    Former top diplomat has asked the US Government under the leadership of President Barrack Obama to marshal the UN Permanent members and call for the drop of International Criminal Court (ICC) cases facing African leaders

    “The selection of Kenya cases has apparently been guided by what former Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo reportedly described as “low hanging fruit,” meaning targeting African countries and individuals unable to resist the ICC’s jurisdiction,” she said.

    Certainly, the sharp criticism is a dramatic change in the American view toward the ICC and affirmed that US has used the court to to succumb some African nations.

    The court was intended to be cell for the African leaders to remind us of the imperial policy even in the third millennium.

    Former US Assistant Secretary of State of African origin has realized the danger of the ICC on the African leaders. Its true that Miss Jendayi Frazer has referred Darfur crisis to the ICC due to her ignorance of the fairness and impartiality of the court at that time.

    Discovering ICC as a tool in the western countries is too late. Many African countries have previously noted to the impartiality of the political body.

    Several western countries especially US have come to conclusion that ICC||s selectivity and lack of fairness will oppose their strategic interests in Africa. What the west has done is not enough to forgive the idea of the court which was born dead years ago.

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