Found a baby bird on my porch

Discussion in 'Animals & Pets' started by modernpaladin, Jul 3, 2021.

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    Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

    I suspect momma bird is pushing these guys from the nests to try to save em from the heat. Birds will often continue to feed their young on the ground. That won't work here tho because of my cat. Fortunately I found this one before my cat did.

    In one image you can see how birds handle high temperatures, by extending out their neck and legs to expose areas of their skin not covered by feathers and dissipate heat more efficiently. My thermometer read 107F at the time of the pic, but there was a fan on him (my AC was out).

    So far he likes cat kibble, brautwurst and vegetable-infused pasta (all broken into tiny pieces and soggy with water, of course). I feed him with a toothpick.

    KIMG1332.JPG KIMG1336.JPG KIMG1343.JPG

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