Global warming may end by 2036

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    Global warming may end by 2036, according to an ancient Egyptian cycle that predicts the future.

    Thus, spoke the sun god Re: "I am Khepera at the dawn, and Re at noon, and Tem in the evening." Khepera rolls the sun across the sky like the scarab rolls a ball of dung. He has the power of resurrection, bringing the sun back to life after it "dies" at night. Re at noon, depicted as a falcon, conveys power that brings an unforgiving heat as the sun descends to earth. Tem, represented by the water lily, carries the god force through the cooling night, assuring its return in the dawn.

    The aspects of this trinity correspond to periods of history.

    In recent incarnations of Re, Hitler was the “unforgiving” falling sun (1930-1945); Walt Disney, a cultural pharaoh with a Matterhorn pyramid, represented Tem and the night of recovery (1946-1963); and the Beatles, the scarab gods, brought a morning of youthful rebellion. This latter Era of Khepera (1964-1999) is being followed by an equally long “falling sun” period (2000-2035) of hardship and authoritarian leaders.

    The current era coincides with worsening global warming, so the night of Tem should begin with a colder climate, which would correspond to the Cold War in the previous Tem period. Expect in 2036 an abrupt change triggered by increased volcanic activity, a giant asteroid striking the planet or a nuclear war, any of which would create conditions blocking the heat of the sun.

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