Good Things for Taxpayers about the MORAL PANIC

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Pandemic Discussions' started by Sanskrit, Apr 17, 2020.

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    It is good to see that more and more people are enraged at the irrefutable factual exaggerations inherent in the COVID MORAL PANIC of 2020 that took place in a vast majority of the country's geography. More and more will be, when the tallies are done and it turns out that tens of millions American citizens and their families were grievously harmed by government incompetence and civil rights violations. There are lots of likely silver linings though. Here are some in no particular order.

    1. If this moral panic (MP) leads to another Trump term, there will be 1-3 more Trump SCOTUS appointments. This will be the first time in over a century where huge swaths of Unconstitutional Democrat collectivism can be overturned, especially in the size and power of the Executive Branch, social programs, taxation. If Trump wins another term, even obvious turncoats like Roberts won't make any difference to pruning the federal government down. The public will be more amenable to pruning down the federal government than they ever have been, and that is due to COVID Moral Panic and it's immense harm done to the average private sector citizen.

    2. If anyone under a rock didn't get the news that the U.S. media is utterly corrupt, riddled with paid shilling at all levels, used as a weapon of special interests and foreign interests, they have sure gotten the message now. Once the MP fades some, people will begin to respond to the illegitimate, UNLAWFUL, TREASONOUS presence of China in our public discourse. That will also shine lots of light on all levels of corruption in the MSM and in what is supposed to be a FREE PRESS but which is actually pure agitprop. Expect a SCOTUS, federal bench, legislators and the people at large to be extremely willing to begin limiting to press protections to what are actually the ****ing PRESS and not corporate crony/Complex/foreign mouthpieces and propaganda.

    3. Bad Day at Black Rock for GLOBALISM and corrupt globalist self-serving, self-enriching bureaucrat/media interests. Expect the public at large to be more sceptical and critical than it ever has been about "experts" "bureaucrats," "pundits," unelected authority, rulemaking by agencies that amounts to unelected legislating, self-serving Complex institutions like the CDC, WHO, UN, etc. The public has been kicked in the nuts, the "little people" who often vote for statists and Democrats, will they continue? Will the public continue to put up with **** SHOWS like the CDC who wastes money conducting domestic abuse surveys, sexual abuse other social justice claptrap instead of FORECASTING AND BEING READY FOR THE KINDS OF DISEASES THEY HAVE NEGLECTED? Better to shut the whole DISASTER down and let the states do it. To preempt, that disaster in diseases readiness has been brewing for several DECADES, no single administration did it, BUREAUCRATS DID IT! the COMPLEX did it! the SWAMP did it! And we pay, pay some more, and when they **** up and CONSTANTLY **** up... we pay some more. Then we pay some more. People are getting sick of paying for incompetence from the gov-edu-union-contractor-grantee-trial lawyer-MSM Complex.

    Also expect the public to be out and out enraged about fake 'refugees,' non citizen workers, illegal aliens, and any Complex machination that detriments our labor and population pools as a result. Get ready for "AMERICA FIRST" to have some real teeth.

    4. Bad Day for government contractors and grantees. People and states are going to demand a rebuilt PRIVATE SECTOR, not public, and the greedy, corrupt contractors and grantees will suffer while the rightful focus remains and moves to small business.

    5. Bad Day for corrupt, greedy public unions, as population (especially TAX PAYING population) and more importantly TAX BASE dissipates drastically into more sane living arrangements that will not be so easily corrupted by union thugs and the Soprano Nadlers and Schumers of the world. Bad Day for corrupt teachers unions as the public begins to puzzle out "why are we doing schools the way we do in the net age? why are we continuing to support an absurdly expensive jobs/welfare/indoctrination camp that does a SHITTY job of education and does a GREAT job of enriching the gov-edu-union-contractor-grantee-trial lawyer-MSM Complex?"

    6. BAD DAY for Complex and crony corporation rotten ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. You think that Lansing was annoying? Wait til people realize their livelihoods were shut down while illegal alien undocumented thralls of the Complex suffer -nothing-. Angry deportation movements and even vigilantism is going to be the result for noncompliant governments. BOOM! go "sanctuary cities."

    7. Bad Day for the huge blue cities that have grown to wield insane power over the rest of the country via tourism, business travel, concentration of corporate HQs, bad day for their ability to dictate policy of whole states due only to their overlarge, unhealthy populations.

    8. BAD DAY for unregulated welfare state programs like food stamps and the IMMENSE real dollar costs on the rest of the population. Coming soon, and gathering steam, why is the government paying people who are too stupid to support themselves to become OBESE? Why are CANDY BARS on food stamps? WHY SODA, WHY other junk? WHY? Because it profits the gov-edu-union-contractor-grantee-trial lawyer-MSM Complex corruption factory, that's why. Oh, you taxpayers just paid for the diseases of purposefully DEFECTIVE THRALLS OF THE COMPLEX once? Then again? Well here's another several TRILLION dollars for you to pay SOME MORE to keep their FAT, DEFECTIVE asses alive. Food Stamps need massive reform, and no better proof of this than the MP.

    That's enough for now, many more possible. Will be making a thread soon for anyone interested to list items that could damage the gov-edu-union-contractor-grantee-trial lawyer MSM Complex MORAL PANIC because they SURE AS **** damaged the rest of us, the TAXPAYING, non dependents of the private sector.
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