How the CIA Sent Nelson Mandela to Prison for 28 Years

Discussion in 'Africa' started by resisting arrest, Nov 12, 2015.

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    Americans need to wisen up! Read, pause, and reflect what the U.S. government government does to the innocent people of the Third World!! Down with the fascists!!!! This passage comes from William Blum's book Rogue State

    After Mandela’s release, the White House was asked if Bush would apologize to the South African for the reported US involvement in his arrest at an upcoming meeting between the two men. In this situation, a categorical denial by the White House of any American involvement in the arrest would have been de rigueur. However, spokesman Marlin Fitzwater replied:

    “This happened during the Kennedy administration … don’t beat me up for what the Kennedy people did.”
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    The CIA have killed and imprisoned a lot of freedom fighters, democratically elected people and general good guys, to install puppet dictators and military juntas all over the world for decades. Allende in Chile is a good example, Patrice Lumumba is another.

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