how to debate with atheist

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Carls, May 4, 2011.

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    As I said, I have NO idea if Einstein was an atheist or not, nor do I care. People on both sides of the issue have taken his words and twisted them to prove he was a Jew, Christian atheist or deist. I could care less, lol, If he was anything but an atheist he was a highly intelligent fool.

    I know by my FAITH in the fact that in over 50,000 years of humanity that not one single iota of EVIDENCE has been shown to indicate the existence of any god or gods. To me the complete and total lack of any indication, other than mans imagination, is PROOF positive that that no gods exist.

    I am sorry, but, engineering is a technical science. Philosophy is a time-wasting bit of nonsense to waste extra time on.
    In philosophy there is nothing to reinvent, because there is nothing to invent in the first place. Philosophy is NOTHING but personal opinion. I for one am quite capable of forming my own personal opinions based on my personal experiences and observations with and on life.

    Anyone learning or studying philosophy must FIRST show they are capable of forming a personal opinion of their own, before they are confused by the conflicting, incorrect,and often foolish opinions of others (the so-called great philosophers). Too often (in fact nearly always) students of philosophy get caught up in the beliefs of others and become incapable of having a new thought. To prevent this, then they must be kept from studying them, until they are capable of forming their own opinions.

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