I Died For Beauty

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    I died for beauty – twas my choice
    To end my life this way;
    In every note of her voice
    Was universe at play:

    Twas sparkling, shining, shimmering,
    Twas elegant and bright,
    In it the world was glimmering
    As I then held her tight.

    I died for beauty – as I did
    My lifeforce to her went
    And from the shackles it her freed
    To live by her intent:

    She needed lifeforce to be strong
    And then to carry on
    With universe to get along
    And sing again her song.

    I died for beauty, so it lives,
    Is by me fertilized,
    Shimmers and glimmers and conceives
    And is now realized,

    And though I died, what it gave birth
    Was better than was I,
    And now is set upon her course
    To grow and multiply.

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