India blocks Mother Teresa's charity from receiving foreign funds

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    The government of India has blocked Mother Teresa's charity organization from being allowed to receive funding from other countries outside of India. This could cut most of the funding to the charity and prevent them from continuing.

    The organization has more than 5,000 nuns worldwide in 120 countries, and provides education, medical care, social assistance, and disaster relief to the poor.

    The charity’s renewal application was refused after "adverse inputs were noticed" the government said in a statement, without clarifying the nature of its findings.

    The decision to block the funding came two weeks after an investigation was launched into allegations of forced religious conversions in one of the homes for children the charity runs in the western state of Gujarat.

    A police complaint was filed against the charity after Priyank Kanoongo, the head of the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights, said that non-Christian children were being taught the Bible. ​

    Mother Teresa's charity banned from receiving foreign funds by India, Ananta Agarwal, Natsuki Arita, NBC News

    So it looks like the government has prohibited the charity from accepting donations from other countries, all because children from Hindu backgrounds were taught from the Bible.

    Right now India has a Hindu Nationalist government, who is wary of other religions trying to lead its population away from India's traditional religion.

    This decision will probably not be permanent but will send a strong warning to Christian groups not to educate Hindu children about Christianity.

    China has a similar law, churches in China are not allowed to accept financial assistance from outside of China, and charities have to seek special permission from the government to do so.
    It's yet one more way for government to try to exert control and limit what they see as foreign influence.

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