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    Infinity is darkness continuous
    With no end or hope in sight,
    Infinity is timeless, delirious
    Passion that burns in flight.

    Infinity is expectation
    Of exhaltation and fall
    Infinity is explanation
    Of all the things you cannot recall

    Infinity is grass on a meadow
    That does not have an end,
    Infinity is the shadow
    That you try to catch in hand

    Infinity is a golden wire
    Stretched to completion and in it spent,
    Infinity is desire
    Reaching out despite your intent,

    Infinity is two mirrors
    Reflecting each other and through them you,
    Infinity is unclear
    Infinity is sky blue

    To vanish into infinity
    Is to become indistinct,
    To lose all affinity
    For all that you feel and think,

    To lose barriers and resolution
    And to become not your own,
    To welcome destitution
    And wealth in one,

    To merge with incandescent divinity
    And be enough apart
    To love it; yes, to achieve continuity
    Of mind and heart;

    To shine continuously and eternally
    And never begin to end
    To love intentionally and infernally
    To make home of both sea and land

    To know infinity is to extinguish
    To reduce man to single gasp
    To love infinity is to distinguish
    True eternity from death's grasp

    To live infinity is to know
    That there is nothing else true -
    Infinity is the flow
    Between I and You -

    Infinity is not seeing
    But being the thing that is will,
    Infinity is the streaming
    Of time over the hill,

    Infinity is truth that is shimmering
    Somewhere between night and day;
    Infinity is fire that is simmering
    Infinity is molding clay

    Infinity is intensity
    And so, say I,
    Infinity is immensity
    Within your eye.
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