Iran, India discuss ‘new threat’ of ISIS in Afghanistan....

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    Iran has talked to India and thinks they can get an alliance with Pakistan and India to go after Daesh in Afghanistan. What do you think, can Iran get India in on the fight with Daesh? What say ye?

    Terming infiltration of ISIS in Afghanistan a "new threat" that was "very alarming", Iran today sought India's cooperation in tackling the menace which it said was used by some countries in the region for "tactical gains".

    "We have a new threat in Afghanistan and that is infiltration of ISIS there. Everybody has to take note of it. It is a very alarming threat and we need to work together. There is need for all of us — Iran, India and Pakistan and all of us to work together and Iran can play good role in bringing these countries together. We did discuss it (during my meetings today)," Zarif told reporters when asked about the discussions on situation in Afghanistan.....snip~

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