Is a Pandemic Good for Bernie?

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Pandemic Discussions' started by FlamingLib, Feb 25, 2020.

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    Assume Bernie leads the ticket. It looks clear Covid is going to disrupt things. We were under 3% GDP growth to begin with. We'll probably have a mild recession while this thing runs its course.

    Right in time for the election. :twisted:

    I doubt many people will blame Trump for a slowdown caused by this thing, but it will rob Trump of his only real selling point: the solid economic/market gains of the last four years, felt by approx 60% of the country. You can't brag about an economy in recession. And the deficit will be ENORMOUS as the tax revenue falls off.

    The pandemic will put the emphasis on healthcare. Bernie's plan is easy to grasp. We already have Medicare. People like it. The GOP totally flubbed their one chance. I'd say Bernie wins on the healthcare issue, but not nearly as much as would someone more moderate, like Amy.

    I think a pandemic helps the Dems. I think it helps them a lot to not have Trump bragging about the economy.

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