Is the Skinwalker Ranch calling out for help?

Discussion in 'Other/Miscellaneous' started by wgabrie, Jul 14, 2022.

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    The Skinwalker Ranch is a supernatural playground. I saw some History Channel stuff on their YouTube channel last night, and I definitely think that getting to the bottom of that mystery definitely holds importance for the USA as a whole.

    Someone needs to get to the bottom of it! There was this entity looking through the language settings on someone's phone and typing out words in several different languages. And sifting through the phone's emergency functions.

    It's obvious to me that whatever it is is calling out for help! We need to help it and to do that, we need to find out about it.

    Now, whether this stuff is the Native Americans putting a curse on the land, binding a malevolent entity to the land, extraterrestrial stuff, or a new type of life that we've never encountered before, someone needs to figure this out. And the current owners are doing that, trying to get to the bottom of it with technology and science.

    But, before you run out the door to go and help them, and meet the weird stuff at the ranch head-on, you should know that people who go to the ranch bring the weirdness back with them to their home. And it spreads to their friends and family, and in fact, anyone who hangs out around them. It's scary! But, I feel that whatever is bound up there at the ranch is trapped, needs help, and needs to be either freed or pacified. What can soothe it?

    Is the Skinwalker Ranch calling out for help?

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