Let nobody dare show reality to Trump!

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Pandemic Discussions' started by Golem, Mar 31, 2020.

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    Is Trump losing it? This crisis is obviously too much for him.

    How can this country prepare for and confront the crisis if the President will not allow reality to slip into his "perfect fantasy world"?

    Not a day passes now when he doesn't lash against a reporter who asks a perfectly normal question. And the press loves that his rantings are great for business. But we should all be concerned about his mental state.

    This leaked audio (below) of a conference call in which the governors, the CDC and Trump participate. Another example of how Trump's incompetence has made us ill prepared for the epidemic.

    The Governor of Montana asks the help of the CDC to solve their testing problems due to lack of test kits.... And literally... as he is being informed that there is a problem with testing that needs to be solved, Trump jumps in to say he hasn't heard of testing being a problem.

    The appropriate response to the Idiot in Chief's intervention in the call should have been "Oh? You haven't heard about problems with testing? Then shut up and listen!"


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