Let Ron Paul & Newt Gingrich duke it out

Discussion in 'Media & Commentators' started by Flanders, Sep 1, 2011.

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    As usual, the MSM is telling conservatives who they should nominate. Mitt Romney, their first choice, is so weak he got knocked off his pins by former Democrat Rick Perry who leaves a lot to be desired in a conservative. (I know that Ronald Reagan started out as a Democrat, but Perry is no RR.)

    I’ve been busy the past few weeks; so I missed a lot of the minutia the media calls political reporting. Oddly enough there is one story that deserves more coverage although I doubt Newt Gingrich is the right messenger:

    Gingrich: Suspend U.N. Funding Now!
    by Newt Gingrich


    I’ve always had big problems with US membership in the UN. So I have no sympathy for tying America to UN funding because of Israel.

    My biggest problem with Gingrich is this: He never did a lot to protect America from decades of UN incrementalism into America’s affairs when he was in Congress. If you look at what has Gingrich up in arms today you’ll see that the status quo is maintained should the UN drop the idea of granting the Palestinian Authority full statehood. In that scenario Gingrich does not appear to have any objections to funding the UN. What the hell good is that? Getting out of the UN should be the goal not prolonging the agony. In short: America defending Israel does not require the UN’s permission.

    It gets worse:

    Republicans to Unveil Bill to Force Major Changes at the UN
    By Nicole Gaouette and Bill Varner - Aug 30, 2011 12:01 AM ET


    Changes! Republicans must have gotten their definition of change from Hussein:

    The bill by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the Republican chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, would demand that the UN let countries decide how much to pay and which programs they will support, rather than assessing payments based on a formula. It would end funding for Palestinian refugees, limit use of U.S. funds to only purposes outlined by Congress and put a hold on creating or expanding peacekeeping operations until management changes are made.

    Read the article and you’ll see that Republicans are trying to strengthen the UN not abolish it. Do the sponsors of this bill seriously think UN parasites will behave differently than domestic leeches? So long as the money goes to the UN the parasites will access it.

    Finally, I’d like to see Ron Paul go toe to toe with Gingrich on the question of suspending funding versus withdrawing from the UN altogether. Wouldn’t that one shake up the media?

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