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Discussion in 'Viral/Biological' started by Foolardi, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Maybe not.I think Alex Jones { Infowars } is onto something.He's
    been studying this sort of response by the Globalist and their minions
    for going on 2 decades.Ever since 9/11.
    Right now that plan seems to center around Making sure Americans
    have to separate from each other and Shelter-in-Place while
    making Trump seem like an Extremist.When he he actually acting very
    calm and reasonable.He's taking a Moderate approach.An All American
    Knute Rockne approach.While this Mainstream media seems to side
    more with China { How dare anyone call this the China Virus } and so on.
    We have Little Chicago commie Rahm Emanuel out with his meme :
    " Never let a crisis go to waste " and House whip James Clyburn doing
    his part { secretly telling House leadership } how the Coronavirus Spending
    bill " is a great opportunity to restructure things toi fit our vision. "
    That doesn't sound very All American.
    Sounds Very Pro-Democrat.But then ... We the People weren't suppose to
    know that was James Clyburn's Master plan.
    So we know how Obama's Chief of Staff { Rahm Emanuel } feels.
    And his Brother Ezekiel Emanuel { concerning Death Panels }
    and James Clyburn.
    And Nancy Pelosi as Cruella Deville.
    And her sidekick Chuckie boy Schumer { Snidely Whiplash }
    But we don't know How Bugs feels.Maybe Bugs Bunny can come out
    of Retirement For Easter Sunday.
    Sounds like a better plan to me.
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