May 21, 2024: Primaries in GA, ID, KY, OR, special election in CA (CA-20)

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    The Green Papers: Log

    The green papers link has some good links within it.

    CA-20 is a sleeper election to figure out which Republican will replace former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. CA-20 is one of the few rock-solid CDs in California, a Democrat did not make it into the top-2 at the special primary on March 19th, so it's a duel between Mike Boudreaux and Vince Fong, who has 4 times as much money left in his warchest.

    Switcheroo: in GA-06, Lucy McBath is switching from GA-07 to GA-06. She is by far the favorite to win the primary in what is now an open seat, as Rich McCormick (R-GA-06) is switching from GA-06 to GA-07 (also now and open-seat) and the only Republican in the primary, Jeff Criswell, has only 14,000 USD in his warchest. McBath has 600,000 USD. So, both incumbents are pretty guaranteed to win, only in a numerically new District (due to re-drawing of the map, I assume).

    Idaho: zzzzzzzzzzzz....

    I will be watching the Prez numbers out of KY, just to see if they track closer to West Virginia (my assumption) or closer to most all other R-primaries this year.

    In Oregon, on the D-side, Dean Phillips is not on the primary ballot, I suspect Joe Biden will have one of his biggest wins to date in this state. On the R-side, this is called an "advisory primary" where the results have no real-time effect on the selection of delegates.

    So, there are some tidbits of interesting stuff from today's primary, but probably no fireworks.
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    Another "tid-bit" from yesterday's primary.

    "Stupid is as stupid does"

    'Trump Boasts of 11 Endorsement Wins for GOP Candidates Without Primary Challengers'
    'These candidates would have won even without Trump’s endorsement'

    'On Truth Social Tuesday, Trump boasted about GOP candidates that had his endorsement and won their primary. However, 11 of them had no primary challenger according to Ballotpedia:'


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