Maybe the swamp gas is alive after all?

Discussion in 'Other/Miscellaneous' started by wgabrie, Jan 1, 2023.

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    Many years ago, I had a moment of mental insight into a phenomenon. In it, I saw that some of what we call UFOs, or UAPs now, weren't actually aliens. They weren't acting like aliens, either. Instead, they were moving about in the open and then going back into the earth or swamps when they were done.

    This led me to believe that they were a new form of life underground. And it was coming out to do its business and then returning to its source in the earth, like a fungus, or farries, or swamp lights (aka a will o' the wisp).

    My biggest concern was that we are starting to come into encounters with these things because humans are encroaching into its habitat, just like we're doing with other wildlife in nature, where once encounters were such rare events that we all thought were faerie tales and myths.

    Or, in other words: Maybe the swamp gas is alive after all? What do you think of my idea?

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