Media coverage of Democrat alternate nominees versus Republican alternate nominees

Discussion in 'Media & Commentators' started by kazenatsu, Dec 29, 2023.

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    I'm going to point out a glaring contrast.

    (For background, it's well known most of the mainstream American media is biased Left-leaning and hates Trump)

    Look at how much coverage the media is giving to the Republican Party candidates for Presidential nomination, Vivek Ramaswamy and Nikki Haley, versus virtually no coverage to Democratic Party candidates Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson.

    Even the candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. didn't get too much coverage by the Left-leaning media, but that was earlier in the year, and he has since announced he is running as an independent since he was not able to consolidate enough support from the Democratic Party (and since he believes he can also draw support from moderates and some Republican voters who really dislike Trump). By all measures, Kennedy is a solid candidate with a background of experience, and many like his stance on civil liberties issues. A moderate Democrat but a solid Democrat in the Kennedy family legacy.

    Of course the main candidates in the upcoming Presidential election (as of December 2023 ) appear to be Trump on the Republican side (or Ron de Santis as a substitute, if Trump is taken out) and the incumbent Joe Biden on the Democratic Party side.

    Why would the media, which does not like Republicans, be giving so much more coverage to Republican candidates, and so little coverage to the presidential candidates on the Democratic Party side?

    Isn't this is a seeming paradox, or very ironic?

    Because they are trying to sway the election. Within the Democratic Party it has already been decided that the incumbent Biden will be the nominee again, despite his increasing unpopularity and a perception that his mental faculties are deteriorating due to age.

    They don't want to fan the flames that could lead to one of the other Democratic Party nominees surging in popularity, as a rival to Biden.

    On the Republican side, the media would be happy if they could use their influence to shift the Republican nomination away from Trump. Even though at this point in time it appears that is not very likely to actually happen.

    If we look back, this is exactly the same sort of strategy the media used on Trump two elections ago, back before they developed a loathing hatred of him. The media gave lots of coverage to Trump, trying to help make him popular and allowing him to win the Republican nomination, in the belief that he would ultimately be "unwinnable" against the Democratic Party candidate.

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