Methods used by Mexico to try to contain Covid19

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Pandemic Discussions' started by HumbledPi, Mar 31, 2020.

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    Since this is a global pandemic, wouldn't it be logical to establish a consortium of experts from every country around the world? A 'think tank' composed of virologists, infectious disease physicians, epidemiologists and statisticians to brain storm possible solutions for containment of this virus.

    Let's look at what Mexico is doing right now. People there are ordered to self-quarantine and isolate in place. They are all in lock-down until the end of April and all but essential workers must remain in their homes. Mexico has been forward-thinking when it comes to a more generalized containment of this virus including inflated tunnels at the exit and entrances of their subways in Monterrey, Mexico in which people passing through on either side are sprayed with a mist of an antibacterial agent. They must remain inside for 30 seconds.



    They also have been transporting emergency patients in a custom made self-contained coronavirus bubble which adjusts the interior to a negative pressure and prevents virus and bacteria from escaping by filtering it through several HEPA filters.


    These were being developed last year, to use for tuberculosis and meningitis patients, they're basically newborn chambers in adult sizes. When the company saw this virus in China, they rushed their production so now they're everywhere in the hospitals, the army, the navy, the Red Cross, and private companies that move patients. Three other continents have asked for them, but this small company can only build for Mexico, at the moment


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