Michigan Governor bans bugging out

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Pandemic Discussions' started by Levant, Apr 12, 2020.

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    The governor of Michigan has banned bugging out. For those who have that plan in their preparedness plan, that's something to consider in the future. It's a thing I never figured on in my own plans - that the government might actually ban moving between residences.

    As soon as my employer allowed me to work from home, I left my city place and went to my country place. My wife is among the highest risk for complications from the virus and, at 60+ years old and having had TB, I'm pretty up there in risk as well. Imagine being at risk and needing to be sure to be as far from the pandemic as possible, and having prepared for just such an emergency - and then you're told by the government you can't go.

    If not this one, in future emergencies more governors will likely enact this ban as might the Federal Government. This makes me rethink all future plans. Leaving town will have to be considered much earlier in any emergency.
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    Looks like it's time to vote Ole Gretchen out.
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