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Discussion in 'Illuminati' started by LiamMcGoldrick, Sep 26, 2011.

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    After you have heard the facts about secret organizations like the illuminati you cannot help but notice their obvious and sloppy propaganda. A common example would be 9/11 or pearl harbor, but lets look deeper at some less obvious small scale setups and see how many we can decode. I decided to join this forum and write this post just to try to help put into perspective their deceiving ways. I wish that people would not only see the large scale things but also notice the equally important small scale operations. In this way the illuminati does not favor quality over quantity or vice versa they simply apply appropriate force at the appropriate time, there is no denying there is genius in their ways. For example i read an article yesterday about fears of riots similar to the supposedly reckless and pointless riots in england spreading to America. this article put enormous emphasis on the fact that social networks were used to organize many of these riots. To me this is obviously a case of a problem reaction solution. Problem social networking is being used to organize dangerous riots and not to mention the Islamic extremist using them. reaction public is outraged and completely reverses their opinion of social networking. Solution social networks are outlawed and political, social, economic, racial, and national groups efforts to spread their messages are hindered therefore making people again ignorant to anything not repetitively announced on their television. This lack of cultural diversity (though social networks provide very little) leads to further ethnocentrism in all societies. this is just one example i would like to hear others.
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    What do you think about Illuminati being involved somehow in the three colossal errors made by Adolf Hitler that caused Germany to lose WWII?

    and on that note.....

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