Obama's vacation Linked to Deadly Helo Crash and 12 Dead Marines

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    FA-18's, F-16's falling out of the sky under Obama's PC military.

    Marines are ordered to remove the bolts from their rifles because Obama don't trust them.

    Obama visits military bases for photo ops and all training is ordered to stand down and all troops are ordered to turn in their weapons to the armory.

    When did the U.S. Secret Service become part of the military chain of command ? Probably when Valerie Jarrett thought she was part of the military chain of command, which she is not.

    Congress appropriates money for the military for spare parts, maintenance and training. Instead Obama takes that money and spends it on social engineering and politically correct green fuels at $125. per gallon that Congress didn't sign off on.

    Why would any competent Commander in Chief be in an area that would interfere with the nations national security ???

    So many U.S. aircraft have crashed under the incompetent CnC that Obama is the first POTUS who can claim being an air ace.


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